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2018-19 Winter Swim

This is a fantastic 9 month swim program conducted under the direction of Hunt Valley Coach Stephanie Wilkensen that will keep your summer swimmer in condition and familiar with all the skills they are currently working on through the winter season. Hunt Valley’s winter swim program will be held this year at: Lee District Center from 6 to 7 pm, on Sunday evenings beginning Sept.16th & ending May 19th. The fee per swimmer for this program is $310.00 and space is limited to only 10 swimmers per lane and 40 swimmers in total. We have been assigned 4 lanes at Lee District this year. This is a stringent multi-lap swim and stroke technique refinement program similar to morning swim team practice.

Requirements for each swimmer:

Swimmer must be able to swim multiple pool laps, with their face in the water and without putting their feet down absolutely NO FEAR of deep water to enroll in this program. We won’t know until the first practice if our lanes are in 4 feet or 12 feet of water. Anyone currently on the swim team may enroll and any questionable Super Rays and Lil' Rays wanting to join must get approval from either Coach Stephanie. Please note: this program is a 12 and under program, however the coaches will consider accepting swimmers over 12 years old on a case by case basis.

NO SWIM DATES: (these will be also included in the confirmation email that will be sent out after registration):

10/14 (Lee District Closure)

11/25 (Lee District Closure for Thanksgiving)

12/23 (Lee District Closure for Christmas)

12/30 (Lee District Closure for New Years)

1/20 (HV Closure)

2/24 (Lee District Closure)

3/17 (Lee District Closure)

4/21 (Lee District Closure for Easter)

4/28 (Lee District Closure)

These closures are subject to change with notification from Lee District Rec Center.

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Little Ray Swimmers

If your swimmer(s) have been with Little Rays this summer they need to have a prior approval from coach Stephanie to participate in this program. Please select the appropriate answer from the following options: *